AuthorBy Jeffrey Cammack
Updated: March 2, 2021

Online Casino SA was first launched by Schlossbrink AB in 2015 to bring honest casino reviews to South Africa. In 2020, we relaunched the website using the investigative research approach similar to the sister site  

Our in-house research team has researched over 110 casinos, collected a combined set of over 7,700 data points, to write over 198,000 words of analysis. Our scoring algorithms arrange our lists using this data to ensure you always find the best casinos first.

Read our annual report, which ranks casinos from top to bottom, and to read more about how we score casinos, read our full methodology here. 

About Schlossbrink

Since 2011, Schlossbrink has been designing and building websites in travel, Forex and casino segments. Central to the company’s focus is:

  • the integrity of our process and the accuracy of our journalism. 
  • a data-driven approach conducted by detailed research

Our goal is always to research, test and share our findings in the most 100% accurate reports guided by our published and transparent methodology.

Our Team

Bjorn Michels is the CEO & Head of IT Operations for Schlossbrink AB. He is responsible for the development and stability of the platform.

An ardent family man, Björn enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He loves to learn about new wines and to get out into the forest on his bike or boating on the water.

Jeffrey Cammack is the COO & Global Head of Research and Partnerships. He is responsible for all research projects and all advertising partnerships on

Jeff is a cycling enthusiast who enjoys either hitting the dusty trails or racing down the road. Downtime consists of catching up on global affairs, time well spent with his wife and three children, and laughs with close friends.

Chris Cammack is our Head of Content Operations. He is responsible for content production and translation projects across Schlossbrink.

A music enthusiast, Chris is regularly found dancing in his office with his headphones on. He loves long books, longer runs, studying Portuguese and spending time with his family. 

Contact Us

Suggestions:  We enjoy suggestions and feedback on our site.  Please email [email protected] and share your news.

Partnerships:  We are always interested in hearing about new casinos that have something special to offer South Africa. Please reach out via email to [email protected] with “Partnership” as the subject.

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