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I have been playing games forever. Growing up, I spent time playing card games with my father before I could even hold cards, and as I got older my interest moved into electronic games – and I mean any electronic game.  Electronic games then turned into casino games, and I now spend my time finding new games to try and writing about the more popular games that others might enjoy playing.

To this date, I have calculated that I have probably played 32,500 hours of card and casino games in my life.  The number of hours I played jumped when I turned 18 and went to university to study statistics – I needed to study something, and math was the easier of the subjects.   My main income at the time was coming from playing cards on Friday evenings, at other social events and some amateur tournaments in some bars in town.  I was easily playing cards 30 hours a week by this point and I was happy. To this day, that number has not dropped much. I simply can not get enough of these games, and the personalities that I meet playing them.

The focus of this site is with the games and not the odds.  The focus is on getting the right deals from the casinos, and not getting cheated.  It has a focus on the fun that I have enjoyed these many years, and not on the wealth that a select few have found playing games professionally.  If you share my interests and my story resonates with you, please write and share your story.

So, if you would like to say hello, ask a question, or just share your story, please use the form below and I will try to answer as many as we can.  If you are a casino wanting promotion on our site, please write and tell us why you think our visitors would rather play at your casino than any other casino we feature.

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