AuthorBy Jeffrey Cammack
Updated: March 2, 2021

As a layer, you want assurance that a casino offers a fair experience for its customers. You want a fair chance of winning, and to know that the casino you are registered at uses ethical practices. One such assurance is via a gambling license; the other is approval from an auditing company.

Many online casinos for South African customers are tested and audited by third-party companies. These are reputable companies that specialize in auditing the processes and games of online casinos. If a casino has approval from such a company, you can be assured of its quality.

Once you have read this article, you will understand exactly what auditing companies do. Also, you will see what makes an auditing company good, and which are the most popular auditing companies for South African casinos.

What do Auditing Companies do?

Third-party auditing companies perform two main functions. Firstly, they test casino games for fairness and randomness. This is to ensure that casinos are giving customers a fair chance of winning and are not using rigged games.

Secondly, they audit casinos and their processes, similarly to licensing authorities. The following are individual activities included within these two functions:

  • Test RNG systems for fairness
  • Test games to calculate RTP percentages
  • Provide consultation services to online casinos
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Test game mechanics and usability
  • Check game records for collusion and fraud
  • Conduct regular audits on company processes

Test RNG systems for randomness/fairness

The testing of RNG systems is critical. The outcome of casino games is determined via mathematical/algorithmic RNG systems. These are complex systems that should provide truly random outcomes for games.

Auditing companies use equally complex testing methods to ensure that these systems are in-fact creating random results.

Testing and calculating RTP percentages

Another vital function of auditing companies is to calculate and verify RTP percentages. RTP = return to player percentage. This is a percentage of your original stake you would expect to receive back over a prolonged playing period.

For example, you spend R1000 on a video slot game with an RTP of 96.60%. Over time, you would therefore expect to receive back R966.

Auditing companies firstly help determine RTP percentages, but also verify and RTP percentages claimed by casinos/software developers. This ensures that customers have clear information about the games they are playing.

What Makes an Auditing Company Good?

So why should you trust an auditing company? What makes the stand out and show that their approval of online casinos means something? The following are six important aspects of the best gambling auditors:

They make testing results publicly available

The best testing companies publish their results. Reputable testing companies and the casinos they vouch for should have no issue with results being made public.

This shows ethical practices, and a willingness to keep their processes transparent. By publishing test results, there is no room for deception or hiding poor performance.

Their testing processes are advanced and use large volumes of sample data

To test the RNG systems of casino games, auditing companies usually analyze the algorithms and code used, but also actively play the games to check the outcomes.

To gain a clear idea of the “randomness” of RNG systems, a huge volume of sample data must be used. Top auditors use automated processes to gain millions of test data results. For example, they could automatically play an online video slot game thousands of times, to check that the reel spins are random and not rigged.

If an auditing company is only using a small volume of sample data, it cannot be certain of the randomness of a game’s RNG systems.

They make regular tests and checks

Auditing should be a regular thing. How can you be sure an online casino is using ethical practices and RNG systems if they are only tested every few years?

The best auditing and testing companies perform regular checks and have a methodical approach to their accreditation. This could include testing the casino’s games and RNG systems each month to ensure consistent performance throughout the year.

They cooperate with licensing authorities

Licensing authorities and auditing companies play a key role in the casino industry. Also, they are more effective when they work together.

The best auditing companies will actively work with licensing authorities. This could be reporting unethical practices and casinos that do not have true random payout systems. Also, this could be providing evidence and support in dispute cases.

They hold casinos accountable for unethical practices

What happens if an auditing company finds that a casino is using biased payout systems? For example, an online casino is found to be using a rigged payout system that chooses winning combinations 20% less than a random outcome?

In this instance, the best auditing companies would hold that casino accountable. This would either be via direct action or by reporting the casino to their licensing authority or local government. What would be the point of a testing company that provided audits, but ignored unethical practices?

They keep up to date with the latest game technologies

Casino game technology is rapidly developing. Software developers utilize the latest technologies to make their game accessible and enjoyable. For example, HTML5 is now the main programming language, in favor of Flash.

This development of technology applies to RNG systems and methods used to determine game outcomes too. As a result, the best auditing companies keep up to date with all technological developments for casino games and RNG systems.

Without a firm grasp of new casino game technology, auditing companies will become ineffective in their testing processes.

The 8 Most Popular Auditing Companies in the Gambling Industry


eCOGRA or eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is the best-known auditing company in the online casino industry. It has an excellent reputation and was founded in 2003. Since then, this UK company has been the gold standard that both casinos and testing companies with to live up too.

eCOGRA has ISO 17025:2017 accreditation and uses advanced testing methodologies to check RNG systems. Also, they provide security and product audits, and extensive RNG and RTP reviews. In the event of disputes, eCOGRA also provides assistance and resolution services.

Auditor highlights

  • Dispute resolution services for casinos regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
  • Customized RTP and RNG data monitoring
  • Approved by 26 online gaming jurisdictions

BMM Testlabs

This independent testing lab was formed in 1981 and continues to provide quality testing services to online casinos. It operates in 13 different countries and has an excellent reputation; it is also recognized in over 400 different jurisdictions.

BMM Testlabs provides RNG testing for online casino games. Also, they provide training for online casino vendors and a host of quality assurance services. Their testing services are extensive and include mathematical analysis, source code analysis, and mobile game testing.

Auditor highlights

  • Recognized in over 400 jurisdictions
  • Advanced testing for multiple casino game types
  • Provides training for online casino vendors

iTech Labs

Based in Australia, iTech Labs is another popular testing platform. It has provided advanced testing functions for over a decade and works with some of the largest casinos in the industry.

Their services are extensive and they offer RNG testing, RNG & RTP output audits, online casino game testing, and testing of casino platforms. Their casino platform testing includes auditing security, networking, customer privacy, and player protection.

iTech Labs provides these services for over 50 casino organizations – many of which operate multiple online casinos.

Auditor highlights

  • Extensive casino platform testing
  • RNG & RTP audits
  • Testing for collusion and fraud

GLI (Gaming Laboratories International)

Gaming Laboratories International is one of the oldest testing authorities and was established in the 1990s. It provides a large range of professional services to the casino industry including RNG and RTP audits. It works with both online and physical casinos in nearly 500 jurisdictions.

Auditor highlights

  • Works with both online and land-based casinos
  • Maintains a strict range of standards that casinos must comply with
  • Offers testing for all types of casino games including live dealer games


Thawte is a certificate authority that was established in 1995. It provides SSL X.509 certifications for online casinos which greatly helps improve casino security for SA players.

Online casinos using Thawte can gain the Thawte Trusted Site Seal which shows their dedication and high levels of security. When issuing SSL certificates, Thawte often also provides auditing services for online casinos to help them improve their processes and systems.

Auditor highlights

  • Established in 1995
  • Provides SSL certificates for online casinos
  • Offers auditing services to improve casino infrastructure

TST (Technical Systems Testing)

Technical Systems Testing was established in 1993 and is one of the oldest testing labs in the industry. This company has a great reputation and has labs in various locations including London, and Macau.

Their services include various facets including a whole section dedicated to online casinos. This includes RNG auditing, RTP percentage analysis, game mathematics analysis, software quality assurance, and core system analysis. Essentially, they provide consultation and testing for all aspects of online casinos and their games.

Auditor highlights

  • Quality assurance for casino platforms and games
  • Work with companies in 475 worldwide jurisdictions
  • Provides services for online casinos, sports betting, and esports

Gaming Associates

Gaming Associates Europe Limited was a pioneer in gambling regulation and testing and has been operating since 1990. It has a vast wealth of knowledge and a host of certifications including ISO/IEC/27001.

Its testing services are extensive and include games certification, RNG & RTP testing, integration testing, and full platform testing.

Auditor highlights

  • Full casino platform testing including security
  • Advanced security testing for maximum player security and privacy
  • Collusion detection


NMi started testing physical roulette wheels in casinos in the 1970s. Since then, it has expanded and provides online casino game testing too. Their online testing started in 2007, but they still have an excellent reputation.

Auditor highlights

  • First tested physical Roulette wheels
  • Offices in the US, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands
  • Provide testing for casino games and platforms

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