Best Casino Bonus

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus to play with for signing up.  These bonuses are often a great addition to your game play but trying to decide which is for you can be challenging. Especially when more than one option is being offered at the same casino. Sometimes there is a catch involved, but there is usually none – the bonus just needs to be unlocked in one of a number of different ways.

Best Casino Bonuses:

Springbok✔ 11,500 ZAR Bonus
✔ Double up your first deposit
✔ Continuous loyalty bonuses
Yebo✔ 12,000 ZAR Bonus
✔ Monthly bonus promotions
✔ Bonus can be used for all games✔ 32,000 ZAR Bonus
✔ Bonus is big but requires lots of playing
✔ Game specific bonuses available

You have come to the right place to learn about bonuses and what they really have to offer. We will go over the different types of bonuses as well as where to get the ones that will make you the most money.

Why pick a good casino bonus?

A good casino bonus can literally mean the difference between you winning a lot of money or winning no money at all. These bonuses can often be more than you deposited, which means you are instantly more than doubling the amount of money you have to play with.

The main drawback to these is that they can sometimes complicate your withdrawals. Some online casinos will not allow you to withdraw any money until you have spent the entire bonus amount. This can differ from casino to casino however, so just be sure to read the fine print before you agree to anything.

Types of bonuses and promotions

There are two main types of casino bonuses you will have access to. One is best for those who are looking to spend a lot of time and money playing and the other is more for those who just like to spend a little time at online casinos now and then to kill time. Or for those who are just checking out a casino for the first time to see if they like the game play there.

No deposit bonus

These are pretty straight forward. When you sign up for the casino they will instantly deposit a certain amount of money into your account. This is before you even deposit any of your own money. This is an excellent way for you to get the feel for a room, or a casino on the whole before you put out any of your own hard-earned money.

In some cases, these bonuses are not in the form of money but instead in the form of free spins on their slot machines. Not perfect for those who like to play, say poker, but it’s free and you could still win big.

Deposit bonuses

This type of bonus will be credited to your account only after you have deposited your own money.

It should be noted that these come in two forms: a match bonus that will match a percentage of what you deposited, and free money bonuses which are a flat amount added to your account. The former is the most common and can vary depending on the amount you deposit.

Some online casinos will only allow you to collect a welcome bonus the first time you deposit but there are plenty that offer it for the at least the first three deposits though the matched amount tends to go down with each deposit. If you spend large amounts of money at the casino you could rack up hundreds if not thousands of dollars in bonuses.

Monthly and weekly promotions

Those who spend a lot of time playing should look for casinos that offer monthly bonuses and promotions rather than those that only have welcome ones. A lot of casinos have these in order to create an incentive to get people to keep playing on a regular basis. You can even find some that offer these types of promotions weekly which can mean even more money for you to use.

High roller bonus

If you are a high roller, which is someone who places a lot of large bets, you might want to look into casinos that offer special promotions for players like you. These packages are sometimes referred to as high roller bonuses and sometimes simply VIP accounts.

These are generally percentage matches of what you deposit but often have a higher bonus attached. It could put thousands and thousands extra in your account to play with. Do your homework and take a look at what each offers you and your style of game play.

Device/game specific bonuses

You will also find casinos online that offer both device specific and game specific bonuses. These are designed to get people playing games they might not have considered on their own. If you are looking to make some extra money this can be a good bet. You will have more to play with and you might even find your new favorite game!

It is a good idea to take a look at the bonuses offered by casinos you are considering signing up with to compare. And again, be sure to read the fine print because the conditions can vary greatly from casino to casino.

Frequently asked questions about online casino bonuses

Can I play the games and still get a bonus on mobile devices?

The very vast majority of casinos allow for playing on mobile devices such as your iOS or Android phone, iPad or another tablet. These games are known as instant play or browser games. That means they require no downloads to your device and you will still have the same access to bonuses.

Are internet casinos better than in-person ones?

This is a personal preference but online is where you will find the lucrative bonuses. Many people prefer playing online because the gameplay is more streamlined and you never have to wait for others or worry about other people interfering in your game play at all. It’s also a fun way to learn the games if you are new to gambling. Many people feel awkward playing in brick and mortar casinos for the first time.

Can I play for free?

Almost every casino has free game play. The thing to remember is that while playing free can give you a good sense of the casino and what they have to offer, if you want to win real money and you want access to a bonus, you will have to deposit money.

Where to find the best casino bonuses

The best place to find the hottest bonuses is at Casino Online South Africa. There you will be able to directly compare all the bonuses offered by casinos in South Africa as well as read comprehensive reviews of what makes each casino great.