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AuthorBy Jeffrey Cammack
Updated: March 2, 2021

Online Bingo offers fun and fast action and is built on the principals of traditional bingo. To give you the best bingo experience, you can also learn about specific bingo bonuses and the advantages of playing this game online.

These are the best places to play online bingo in South Africa for June 2022.

Best Online Bingo Sites in SA

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Overall Rating
Accepts SA Players
Game Providers
Accepts SA Clients
ZAR Wallet
Withdrawal Fee
Withdrawal Time
Support Hours
4.25 /5
Read Review
200% up to R5000 + 100 Free Spins
2-4 days
4.25 /5
Read Review
R3000 Welcome Bonus
1 days
3.48 /5
Read Review
100% up to $123
5% fee
1 days
2.90 /5
Read Review
R12,000 Welcome Bonus
Information not disclosed days
2.10 /5
Read Review
200% up to R1000 + 100 free spins
5+ days

In this article, you can look at the different variations of bingo, like 90-ball and 30-ball. Also, you can see which software developers offer the best-quality bingo games. After reading this guide, you should have confidence in choosing a quality bingo casino.

How To Rank Online Bingo Sites

To find the best value online bingo games, consider the following:

Game variety – Firstly, does the casino offer a good variety of online bingo games? Ideally, you should be able to play multiple variations including 90-ball, 75-ball, and 30-ball.

Software developers – Secondly, which software developers do the casino use? Some producers like Microgaming and Dragonfish are well-known for producing high-quality bingo games. These developers will also have their RNG systems tested for fairness.

Minimum buy-in – Next, how expensive are the bingo games? Ideally, the casino should have a variety of buy-in values to appeal to all types of players. Not everyone wants to spend large amounts of cash, and some people want to just play a few rounds of bingo for fun.

Linked games and jackpots – Finally, does the casino offer any linked games or large jackpots? Linked games often have huge jackpots spread across multiple casinos. Also, casinos often provide special jackpot rooms with higher buy-in prices, but corresponding higher prizes.

How We Rank Casino Sites

Our casino rankings are the culmination of over 3000 hours research on over 400 casinos. We have gathered detailed data on over 110 of these casinos and used this data to write over 198,000 words of analysis. Finally, we have assigned each of these casinos a score to reflect their quality.  How We Rank Casinos.

Online Bingo Overview

Bingo is an old game that has been around in some form since the 1500s. It became increasingly popular in the 1920s and since then, a huge wave of specialized bingo halls was created.

Eventually, online bingo was realized. Although online bingo is popular, it is sometimes overshadowed by card games and video slots. Nonetheless, many casinos provide bingo rooms and a good choice of games and jackpot prizes.

Online bingo is a fun and fast-paced game. Many games remove the need to track numbers and automate this process. This means you can play with multiple cards easier and do not have to worry about rushing to mark your numbers.

The basic premise of bingo still applies, and the aim of online bingo is to mark off numbers that are called out, on your card.

The Most Popular Online Bingo Game Versions

There is a great range of bingo games. Aside from the generic ball variations, software developers have also produced fun themed versions of bingo. The following, however, are the four most popular online bingo variations:

90-ball – This is the traditional bingo game and features 1 to 90 numbered balls. The bingo cards feature a 9×3 grid. Each line has four empty squares, and 5 numbers placed at random. Traditionally, a single 90-ball card will contain 9 9×3 grids. The usual flow of winning combinations is one line, two lines, and then a full house.

80-ball – 80-ball bingo uses numbers 1 to 8 and a 4×4 grid combination for each card. Sometimes, each column of a 4×4 card is a different color. Winning combinations for this variant usually include a single line, line, house, column, and full house.

75-ball – This popular bingo game uses numbers 1 to 75. The cards have a 5×5 layout with 24 numbers on each card, and the central square is a star or a free square. With 75-ball bingo, customers usually play with three or more cards. The winning combinations vary, and 75-ball bingo often uses pattern combinations in addition to lines, corners, and a full house.

30-ball – This bingo variation is often called speed bingo as it offers much faster gameplay due to the smaller grid size and number of balls. Games of 30-ball bingo often take just a few minutes. The cards used in 30-ball bingo are traditionally 3×3 with 9 numbers. Due to the smaller cards, the only winning combination for 30-ball bingo is a full-house, i.e. all 9 numbers.

Best Online Bingo Game Developers

To choose the best bingo games, it is important to look at the software developer. Four developers have a great reputation for creating high quality and exciting online bingo games:

Dragonfish – Dragonfish produces high-quality desktop and mobile bingo games and mainly specialize in 90-ball, 75-ball, and 52-ball. Their games are mobile accessible and have great graphics and chat features.

Microgaming – Microgaming provides a great choice of high-jackpot bingo games. It only concentrates on 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games, but these titles are quality and have easy to follow gameplay. They also utilize the latest technologies including HTML5.

Playtech – Playtech provides bingo games for some of the best-known bingo platforms available. Its bingo software is powerful and it supplies a host of linked bingo games that have high jackpots.

Jumpman – Although Jumpman is a relatively new developer, it has a great reputation for providing quality bingo games. Their games are consistent, easy to play, and have a great set of features. Jumpman uses Pragmatic Play software and creates 90-ball, 75-ball, and 30-ball bingo variations.

Finding the Best Welcome Bonus

Online casinos sometimes give specific bonuses for bingo. This depends on what bingo rooms the casino offer. For example, a platform with only a handful of small rooms is less likely to offer bingo-specific promotions.

Alternatively, casinos with dedicated bingo sections, or casinos that specialize in bingo, are more likely to offer bingo bonuses. Common bingo bonuses include free cards, or deposit bonuses for use on bingo rooms.

Free cards for bingo games are an excellent way to test out different bingo games. With such offers, there is usually a wagering requirement for any winnings you receive. Also, the jackpot prizes may be limited, and free cards may only be able to be used on specific bingo rooms.

Any deposit bonuses also usually have wagering requirements. For generic deposit bonuses, always check if you can use the bonus funds on bingo. Also, check the contribution factor for bingo concerning the wagering requirements. Bingo usually has a higher contribution factor akin to video slots for wagering requirements.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Playing Bingo Online


  • Quicker to play
  • More convenient
  • Can easily try more bingo variants
  • Can benefit from promotions

Online bingo is a fun game to play. Firstly, it offers fast-paced action and you can play a greater number of games in a shorter period than traditional bingo hall games.

Also, it offers a greater level of convenience. You do not have to travel to a bingo hall, spend time getting ready, or dedicated a whole evening to the game. Using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can play whenever and wherever you like. Also, you can play as many or as little games as you wish.

Online bingo also offers greater variation. At a bingo hall, you are limited to the schedule, and the games being hosted. With online bingo, you can try different game types and find some fun varieties with differing buy-in levels.

Finally, you can make use of casino promotions to play with more cash. Some casinos may even offer free bingo cards or promotions specifically for their bingo rooms.


  • A lesser community feeling
  • Lack of socializing
  • Not as exciting as physical bingo

One of the main disadvantages is that online bingo lacks the social element. Many bingo rooms do have online chats, but this is not the same as a bingo room.
The atmosphere and social aspect of bingo halls are difficult to recreate. Many people play bingo for the social aspect and it is vital to their playing experience. This simply isn’t possible in online bingo rooms.

Also, many people say that online bingo lacks the excitement of bingo hall games. Again, this is due to the atmosphere and the presence of other people.

You cannot hear the loud cries of “Bingo” when someone wins, or search in envy for the person who has just won a jackpot, for example. Real bingo could be classed as more emotive and personal and this is important for some people.

Licensing of South African Online Bingo Sites

If you want a reliable and fair bingo experience, you must use an online casino with a valid gambling license. For South African customers, you should first look for a South African gambling license.

In SA, gambling licenses are issued by authorities from one of the nine provinces such as the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

If you cannot find a suitable SA casino, look for a platform with an international gambling license. There is a range of reputable international licensing authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission that regulate casinos effectively.


Online Bingo has a wide range of associated terms. There are of course the traditional names for different numbers, like Legs Eleven (11) – you don’t need to know these to play online bingo, however. Instead, the following are important terms relating to the rules and format of online bingo:

Bingo Card

A Bingo Card, or just Card, is a single grid or ticket that you use to mark off numbers. Cards vary in size and configuration depending on the game variation.

Bingo Rooms

A bingo room is a specific game room in which single rounds of bingo are played. Players join a bingo room and then compete against others who have joined the room for cash prizes. A room usually has a specific type of bingo game i.e. 90-ball, or 30-ball.

Four Corners

A winning combination that requires the player to have the numbers in each corner of a bingo card covered.

Full House

A winning combination that requires all three lines covered in a 90-ball bingo game.

Game Pattern

Different bingo games have different winning patterns. These are pre-determined patterns that players must match with their numbers such as four corners, or even diagonal patterns.


A line is a single row on a bingo card – this is a common winning combination.

Multiple Winners

Oftentimes, multiple players will win a round of bingo at the same time. In this instance, prize money is usually split equally between the winners.


This term is sometimes used to list the cost to play a bingo game. For example, a 90-ball bingo game may have cards available for R50, and the minimum buy-in is R100. This would mean you have to buy two cards to play.


Online Bingo provides a whole new experience compared to traditional bingo halls. It has a greater scope and you can play multiple cards without rushing to mark your numbers. Also, many online bingo rooms have chat features so you can talk to other players and still gain that sense of community that bingo halls offer.

Due to the large choice of online bingo games and variations, you can also quickly find a room to suit your playing style and budget. There is a good selection of low buy-in bingo rooms with cards for less than R10.

When choosing an online bingo room, be sure to read the house rules, and be clear on the game formats. Also, always check if the bingo game has automated checking technology. Finally, always look if the online casino offers any specific promotions for bingo games.


Q – Which is the best variation of Bingo?
A – This depends on your playing style and preferences. If you enjoy quicker bingo games, 30 ball bingo games are ideal. Alternatively, if you prefer slower games with slower rounds, 75 or 90 ball bingo are good options.

Q – Which bingo variation pays the best?
A – This can depend on several variables. For example, the number of players in a room often dictates the jackpot prize. Also, progressive bingo rooms have higher jackpots, but you are also playing against many other people so the chance of winning is less. There is no “best paying” bingo variant – there are too many variables to consider.

Q – Do I have to keep track and mark all the numbers?
A – In most instances no – many online bingo games have automatic software that tracks and marks called numbers for you.

Q – Can you play with more than one bingo card?
A – Usually yes! Most online bingo games allow you to purchase multiple cards and thus increase your chances of winning.