Casino Slot Machine Games

The noise and the excitement of playing slots is unmistakable.  The energy in the room, the noises, the coins falling continuously into the metal trays and flashing lights and sirens going off in every corner.  Slots can be absolutely magical and the continuous hope that with the next pull of the lever it will be your turn to win big – and the magic is, sometimes it is you.  Online slot machines simply involve clicking a button vs pulling a lever or handle.

Online slot machines don’t have the majesty of that same room, but components of the magic of the game do cross over into the online version of the game.  A lever pull is replaced by clicking a button but the game function is exactly the same.

Slot machine strategy & tips:

Slots require the least amount of strategy on behalf of the player, as the RNG that cycles through the numbers is impossible to manipulate, either by the player or the casino. Odds are simply not quantifiable with slot machines. There are, however, some things players can do to increase their probability of winning and minimise loss.

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How to win at slots:

Always play the maximum number of Playlines and maximum bet if you can afford it. Playing all Playlines on a machine increases the chance that you’ll hit a winning combination.  You can also play machines that do not require a maximum bet, giving you more control over the money you bet.


The main variation between slot machines is Single Playline vs Multiple Playline. Single Playlines are easier (just one combination) and best for players with a budget. Multiple Playlines allow players to select how many Playlines they wish to activate. These, while requiring higher bets, also mean more chance of winning.

Machines might also have special features that differentiate them from others. When playing slots, first check the machine’s individual features and winning/jackpot combinations. For example, some machines may include a wild symbol, which is essentially a “wildcard”; if a player has 2 matching symbols and one odd one out, the wild symbol may be substituted to create a winning combination.

How Slot Machines Work:

The easiest casino game, and most popular with newcomers, slots follow a simple gameplay.  Players drop coins into the slot and pull a handle to activate the reels. The matching up of symbols on the reel results in a winning combination. Slot machines usually have a particular theme, and these can vary wildly.

Slot machines have either a single “Playline”, or multiple. Multiple Playlines are the best for maximizing chances of winning, as there are multiple combinations in play. This also means, however, that players will be required to bet more money. Winning does not necessarily mean Jackpot, as players can win various amounts depending on what combinations they get.

Slots work by means of a Random Number Generator (RNG) that cycles through thousands of numbers per second. Each number corresponds to a stop position on the machine’s reels, which display symbols. The outcome of the slot is determined by a random combination of numbers that is picked the micro-second the player pulls the lever or hits the spin button. Once the reels have come to a rest, the machine will determine whether the numbers and symbols correspond in a winning combination or not.

Slot machines in casinos will either pay out in coins or credits.


Online slot machines are bright and fun, displaying various themes and Playlines to make gameplay enjoyable and increase winnings. Remember to choose “machines” according to your budget and play slower rather than quickly. Enjoy the gaming while minimising losses.

Payments for bet placement can be made through various secure sites, such as Paypal, depending on the online casino, whereas live slots will usually take cash in coins.