Casino Video Poker

bet365-video-pokerBased on 5-card draw poker, video poker is played on a machine much like a slot machine, with card combinations produced by a Random Number Generator. The difference of course, is that poker requires skill that slot machines don’t.

All cards have to be dealt from a standard 52-card deck and so players can strategize and calculate combinations just like in live table poker.


Video poker is currently one of the most popular casino games and offers odds similar to table games. Machines are easy to use and are great for beginners who prefer not to interact with dealers and other players as they’re learning the ropes. The game is a good compromise between slots and table games.

The fundamental rule of Poker is to win with the strongest hand of 5 cards, and the online version is played according to the rules of standard table poker. There are several variations, which will be discussed further on.

Because Bet365 offers poker online, and is one of the world leading casinos for playing poker, this experience and excitement has moved over to the bet365 casino room floor. You will enjoy playing video poker here.

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How to Play Video Poker:

In video poker, players begin by placing their bet (1-5 coins), and are then dealt 5 cards. Each card on the screen will have a “hold” button beneath it. Players click these for the cards they would like to keep (or “hold”) and press deal to replace the other cards. The player’s final hand determines the payout, and the payout amount will depend on how many coins the player bet.

Each machine will have a pay table indicating how payouts are determined, and what variation the machine plays.

Note: Suites refer to diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Rank refers to the numerical value of the card, with jacks, queens, kings and aces being of highest value.

Poker Hands:

Poker hands are ranked according to five-card hands, as follows:


Video Poker Strategy:

Video poker requires mathematical strategy in order to reduce the house’s edge. Each game variation will have a strategy the player can learn in order to maximise winnings. Jacks or Better is the variation best learned first, as most video poker games are based on this variant. Jacks or Better is based on draw poker; in this variant payouts begin when the player has 2 jacks.

Video Poker Variations:

The most common poker variety is 5-card draw, in which players are dealt a full hand, which they can then improve by replacing cards. Most video poker games are based on 5-card draw.

Stud poker involves each player receiving a combination of up-facing and down-facing cards, with multiple betting rounds. These include Five-card stud and Seven-card stud.

Community card poker, including Texas hold ‘em and Omaha hold ‘em, have players holding incomplete hands. Shared up-facing cards are then provided to complete each player’s hand.

Another popular version is Deuces Wild, where all 2s become wild cards. Wild cards substitute for any card in a players hand in order to improve the hand.

Video Poker is Online Only:

Online video poker is essentially the same as live video game, with selected variations available on different sites. “Cards” are produced according to a Random Number Generator from a standard 52-card deck (or 53 if jokers are included). Online video poker in South Africa tends to have big payouts and good odds.


Video poker is a great way to learn the ropes and different variations of the game, and most online casinos have big payouts and good odds for this form of poker. Learning strategies according to each variation will help players narrow the odds and improve their skills for live poker games.